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World Water Association

The World Plumbing Council (WPC) is a global non-profit water organization. It is an unofficial partner of the World Health Organization. The organization was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1990, with the main purpose of highlighting the importance of health and environmental protection in the water supply and drainage industry. Members are divided into full members with voting rights, corporate members and individuals 

Three parts for membership.

The membership scope covers all professional groups, research institutions, manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and other groups and individuals who wish to establish contact with the World Water Association in all water supply and drainage industries in the world. The executive body of the World Water Association is the Executive Committee.

The former consists of 9 executive committees, including one chairman and one vice chairman. They were elected from the full-power membership organizations of different countries. The Executive Committee has the power to supervise and exercise management of all affairs of the World Water Association. The Executive Committee is elected at the World Water Congress held every three years, and can serve up to two consecutive terms.

China Construction Metal Structure Association Water Supply and Drainage Equipment Branch

China Construction Metal Structure Association Water Supply and Drainage Equipment Branch (hereinafter referred to as the branch) is an industry organization composed of units engaged in water supply and drainage equipment and its supporting products across the country.

The purpose of the branch is to implement the principles, policies and regulations of the party and the country, play a role as a bridge and link between the government and enterprises, serve the enterprises, safeguard the legal rights and interests of the enterprises, promote the development of the industry and technological progress, and improve the economic benefits of the industry.

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