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Due to the current impact of the epidemic, the first "World Plumbing Conference" will all adopt real-name visits. Among them, professional visitors must register with their real names on the official website of the "World Plumbing Conference", and the organizer will produce a "Professional Audience" card after the review is passed, and then the certificate will be verified and the anti-epidemic inspection will be compliant before they can enter the exhibition hall. The organized social group audience must also present the real-name visit with the invitation letter and relevant certificates produced by the organizer.

During the conference, the police will check the relevant documents of the participants through remote security checks and venue entrance security checks to ensure that "personal identification is one." Visitors, please do not believe the so-called "ticket" information on the Internet to avoid unnecessary losses.

The police will further increase the investigation and punishment of illegal activities such as "tickets" for the conference, and will strictly deal with them once discovered. At the same time, the police will strictly punish the illegal use of other people's certificates under the law. 

Can I visit this "World Plumbing Conference" as a general audience?

In fact, ordinary viewers can also register on the official website.

The first step is to log in and pass safely;

The second step is to submit correct personal information when filling in the information.

This conference is mainly divided into two visitor groups, the professional audience, and the purchasing groups, which are aimed at enterprises. The general audience is individuals who can also visit. It is relatively easy to log in to personal information.

How to classify the professional visitors of the first "World Plumbing Conference"?

Professional visitors include domestic and foreign buyers, as well as industry insiders from domestic and foreign government agencies, institutions, and social organizations. Professional audiences are divided into two categories according to whether they belong to the trading group: trading group professional audiences and independent professional audiences. The professional audience organization of the first "Conference" can also be organized as an association. Reserved social audience refers to the general public who intends to visit the first Water Affairs Conference.

In order to complete the real-name certification registration, all professional visitors must register online in advance.

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